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As a valued customer, you can earn points when you purchase, refer, review, and follow our social media accounts at @scaramuzzashop.
Points earned can be redeemed through coupons for Scaramuzza Eco Shop purchases.
The more points you collect, the higher the value of your discounts.

Who Can Join?

Anyone with a registered account is qualified to join the program. Once enrolled, you’ll find 100 Points as a welcome reward to get you started!

How To Earn?

You can easily earn points through the following:

  • Purchase
    You will earn 3 Points for every $ spend in our Products.
  • Referral
    You will earn 500 Points every time one of your referrals makes a purchase using the $ 10 Coupon Discount included in the referral link you sent them. 

                                                Here’s how it works:

  1. Send your friends a link to our Eco Shop containing a sweet $ 10 Coupon Discount
  2. Once they make a purchase through your referral link, an additional 500 Points will be added to your account when the order is fulfilled and sent out
  3. Remember that your referrals must be new clients
  • Follow and Share
    Follow us on Instagram         Earn 50 Points 
    Share the Shop on Fb           Earn 50 Points
    Tweet our Shop on Twitter   Earn 50 Points

We will ask for your profile for verification purposes on Instagram

  • Reviews
    You will earn 50 Points for each product review and 50 Points for a Shop Review

There will be occasional Campaigns when we offer other ways of Points earnings. Stay tuned because we will update our Rewards Widget page and send you promotional Newsletters to make sure you don't miss our offers!

Points are calculated after discounts or coupons are applied and exclude shipping and tax charges.

How to Claim Your Points

To claim your points, sign in to your account and select the Tab: CLAIM located inside the REWARDS Widget.

When you have enough Points, you may redeem them for a Discount Coupon which you can use during check-out

Here are the points and their equivalent discount:

  •   500 Points earn $ 5 Coupon Discount
  • 1000 Points earn $10 Coupon
  • 1500 Points earn $15  Coupon
  • 2000 Points earn $20 Coupon

There is no limit to the number of points that you can earn. So, enjoy earning rewards as many as you can, but remember they expire at the end of the Year 2022.

Got more questions about Rewards Pawgram?
Find the answers in the related section inside the Frequent Asked Questions.

Should you be missing Points, please Contact us at: 


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