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For a long time I wanted to create a fashionista eco-friendly line dedicated to all those who, like me, share a passion for dogs, eco-sustainability and Italian artisan excellence. But there was never enough time to get seriously started.

Daniela scaramuzza eco shop
Daniela Scaramuzza - celebrity photographer

With the advent of the pandemic I have been stuck in Italy with my three little gangsters in the effort to protect my mother from getting exposed to the darn virus.

Since I  couldn't stand wearing facemasks I decided to have them made in accordance to my needs. I wanted something "special", daily washable, in organic cotton, with a highly protective layer of TNT (non-woven fabric) on the inside and easily breathable.
Face mask interior lining in non woven polypropylene  
After an in-depth research and thanks to Nonna Giò's infinite patience, we got that down and finally proceeded  to the choice of fabrics, all strictly in organic cotton, including the sewing thread. 
Our facemasks are so comfortable that there is no comparison to what you find out there! 

 Daniela scaramuzza with an italian artisan

Next thing you know, with the same fabric I wanted something stylish for my doggies. First one to reach the working table was Tonino. He enjoys the attention and is a great model! We started from making a simple bandana and moved forward to our signature fashionable dog bandana in several steps.

Tonino volpino dog model for bandana in organic cotton for small breeds

Grandmother Giò had become my accomplice by now and even if every time she would say: "No, I won't do that" ... the next morning she was texting me photos of the new prototypes.

fashion dog bandana personalization


  I wanted a set of dog bandanas that they could wear in various occasions:

a wedding, an elegant party, or just a simple walk.


miki dog model for fashion bandanatonino dog model for fashion bandanagigi dog model for fashion bandana

  The good news is that we were all smiling again, in times when there was very little to smile about. So I kept going...

I needed a solution to store my facemask when I don't wear it, so I designed a small pouch to wear around the neck, with an extra compartment for accessories, like my cellphone and/or glasses, boarding pass etc...
No more facemasks around the wristle. Now wherever we go we have a very useful mask holder and it gets very handy!!!

Mask holder and mask in organic cotton from animalier collection made in italy

... I added a simple backpack … 

Backpack animalier handmade made in italy in organic cotton worn
...and designed a few dog purses for Chihuahua and toy dogs ...
Chihuahua handbag

 Friends showed an immediate interest in our products (here we are all dog lovers) and Nonna Giò confessed that she had never had so much fun working!

Wrapped by the magic of a new passion we had bonded and neither one of us wanted to end it there. Without realizing it we had created our first Collection and named it: Animalier
The SCARAMUZZA ECO SHOP was the natural evolution to the story.
Now Nonna Giò coordinates the work with other seamstresses and everything we produce is handcrafted, one piece at a time, with the utmost attention to detail and durable top notch quality!
Customizations are also made on request and every product comes with a branded organic label.
I sign it with pride, like I have signed every artwork I have ever done.
Signature labels eco friendly scaramuzza shop
If you enjoy these sort of things, follow our Social Media and stay tuned! We'll keep you updated on our new releases and engage with our followers with contests and giveaways.
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Ultimately, as soon as we can hit the road again, we intend to sponsor an adoption Campaign and I will Tour with Tonino, Gigi & Miki, to give it visibility.
Daniela Scaramuzza founder of the Scaramuzza Eco Shop with Dog influencers Gigi & Miki
Step by step, with your help too, we'll get there and it will be PAWSOME!!!
We hope you'll enjoy visiting the Shop.
                                              - Daniela Scaramuzza -


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