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        1. The E-Gift Card can be used to pay for any purchase within our Shop: https://scaramuzza.shopIt's valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and can be spent in one or more purchases until it is completely exhausted. 

        2. When expired is not refundable.
        3. If your purchase exceeds the value of the E-Gift Card, the difference must be paid with one of the payment methods available at check out.
        4. The E-Gift Card is not a credit card.
        5. The E-Gift Card cannot be reloaded, resold or exchanged for cash.
        6. The amount cannot be converted into cash or credited to a credit card.
        7. It can't be used to purchase additional Gift Cards.
        8. Any complaint relating to the use of the Gift Card can be sent by e-mail to
        9. The purchase and use of the E-Gift Card implies acceptance of these terms of use.
        10. The E-Gift Card is issued by DANIELA SCARAMUZZA PRODUCTIONS INC.


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