Verified reviews for Scaramuzza Eco Shop products: Dog bandana, facemasks, accessories holder, backpacks. All products handmade in Italy with organic cotton.
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Ottima qualità

Un bandana che si distingue. Complimenti!

Grazie Marzia, gli sta anche molto bene!!! :-)

Best choice during Covid

I got these pair of masks during Covid times, and it was a good choice. The material is so smooth, you love it on your face, not irritating at all, like usual masks, plus its organic and it can be washed. No tension around the ears either, everything smooth and comfy.

So glad you find our masks very comfortable. Thanks for the review :-)

Favorite Mask during Covid

This is my favorite mask. The material is so smooth on the face, it is organic, it can be washed. When it comes to style, army colors are always a thing, makes all sorts of clothes look cool. No tension around the ears either, amazing.

My Fav!

I love this mask holder, it has two pockets one inside the zipper and one outside where you can leave your phone or something, while on the inside u keep masks or something else. It's so smooth, apparently the material is very good, and it looks good on clothes, kinda makes you look cool too.

Thanks for your review Nesim. Quality and attention to detail is a must for us!

Love It!

The material of the product is highly qualitative, good colors and looks so cool. And it has that good touch feeling, that's how you know the product is good.

Details... are our passion! :-)

I love this for strolling around town or laying on the beach! So soft and comfortable not to mention so cute! Love it!!

Thank you Cindi for taking the time to write this sweet review. We are very proud of our masks!

Backpack Animalier
Cindi Romania

This is the most versatile backpack I have ever owned not only that the most unique! The straps are so comfortable it has a great inside pocket and it matches my mask and my puppies bandanna! I wore this for 12 hours flying and it was so nice you could just roll it up and put it in the front seat cover Of the plane I love it!

Very appreciated, thank you!

Have this for my little Miss Jazzmin, She is as stylish as her mommy my little furry baby! So cute! Love it!

That's exactly why we started this Shop... we loved matching items with our furry babies...:-) and this is just the beginning!

I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on this entire set! Everyone wanted to know where I got it… So unique!

That's exactly what we are here for....:-)

I have the entire London calling collection it’s so unique I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere! I have the whole set including a cute bandanna that’s comfortable for my little Jazzmin!

Thank you for trusting us with such a sweet order and for taking the time to review each item you bought. We have you down in the VIP list...:-)

Mask Satin
Cindi Romania

Absolutely Wonderful! It’s so nice to have a mask you can wear all day that is also dressy when I go out! I have never had to wear a mask for 12 hours straight but I did on a recent trip flying home and it was not only the most comfortable but I loved it because it didn’t steam up my Gucci glasses!!

Thank you for mentioning this aspects of our masks...Daniela literally had them made and remade until they were...just...PERFECT!

I have all three London items love the keychain… I love everything to match in my wardrobe and what a great accent this is!

Italians put a lot of attention in details, we just can't help it! :-)

Cindi Romania

The Best Mask I have, I wear it everywhere!

Mask Animalier
Melba Braud

We love it fabric is wonderful

Thank you for choosing us Melba!

Keychain Explorer
Kathy Gabriele
Cute Keychain Explorer

The Keychain Explorer is a multifunctional piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of ways. I keep mine on Triscuit’s leash with little disposable bags for when we go walking. What a clever idea for dog lovers.

Dog Bandana Animalier
Kathy Gabriele
Animalier Dog Bandana

The Animalier Dog Bandana is a beautiful pattern and the size was perfect for my small doggie. It is washable and easy to care for. As an extra treat my pups name was added to the bandana which was so special and have received so many compliments. Very easy to recommend this terrific shop.

Mask Explorer
Kathy Gabriele
Mask Explorer Perfection

The Mask Explorer is a sharp looking mask made of fine material and has to be the most comfortable mask I have worn. It is washable and easy to care for.

Thank you Kathy. We made so many masks prototypes until we got it down to perfection and buyers seem to notice the difference!

Mask Holder 60's
Romina Power
Love this !!

I can breathe well with these masks and i love the cool 60’s mask holder!

Thank you Romina for stopping by! :-)

Mask Animalier
Sandra G.
My favorite mask

Out of the many masks I bought this is by far my favorite!

We have put a lot of efforts in our masks ...glad it's appreciated!

Dog Bandana Explorer
Kathy Gabriele
Explorer..Dog Bandana

The Explorer Dog Bandana is made exceptionally well, and with the finest material. It looks wonderful on my Triscuit, the colors blending in well with her coat.

Thank you for sending pictures in! We loved it! :-)

Nice Shop

It all worked out just fine! I'll buy again from this Shop. The quality exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are smiling...:-)

Simple and handy

A new cutie to add to my never ending Animalier passion! The inside space holds the doggie bags nicely while keeping them discretly handy!

Mask Animalier

Prodotto bellissimo e negozio pieno di scelte. Supporto cliente impeccabile.

Grazie! Molto gentile.

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